Building a cultural profile

The first and foremost thing we are going to determine before we even send off a CV, is map out the cultural orientations of the employer, and of the candidate.  A unique profile is created for individuals and groups, producing important indicators for success in several areas of business communication, comprehension trends, and other expectations.

“Talture is a different approach. It’s not a skill test or a psychological evaluation.”

Talture Cultural Mapping is a strategic development of cultural awareness that lets companies and candidates achieve their goals. We don’t want to dress up candidates and clients for each other; we want real results for real people.

Establishing your Goals

No achievement is complete without a goal.

“You gotta know before you go.”

CLIENT:   Talture assesses the team and the environment the candidate would be working in, which can include a group profile and individual profiles of the hiring manager, other interviewers, and other colleagues. Conventional points of a job description and existing descriptors of corporate culture is integrated into that process.

CANDIDATE:  An assessment of the individual’s expectations and skills is done, and it is supported with the profiling of his or her own cultural assessment.  This is a valuable takeaway asset that belongs to the candidate.


Identifying Similarity and Distance

We know comparing a resume to a JD is simply not enough, and is sometimes a false positive. A good fit is more complex, and sometimes a “match” is not the best outcome. Finding a common orientation in a particular area is often crucial to success, but it is equally common to need a complement.

“It’s not like an organ donation where you’re looking for a DNA match.  It’s about managing expectations and being honest about how far you can go to adapt.”

Talture Cultural Mapping gives careful and equal consideration to measures that are similar in value as well as different.


Qualifying and Strategising

It’s wonderful when an individual and a company can come together.  However, it can be doubly valuable to know when not to proceed, avoiding stress and anxiety, and saving everybody’s time.

“If I had known he was such a relationship manager I wouldn’t have gone in there with all my KPI.  Actually, I probably would’ve turned down the interview.”

Your profiling allows you to pursue the best options and save you from wasting time on other things that aren’t appropriate.  We also leverage this information strategically so that the interview process is as streamlined as possible.


Improvement and Synergy

Talture’s goal is to open the doors of transparency and mitigate any surprises.  We also want to know how that affects the dynamics of the team once onboarding has completed.

“Our cultural trend of fluid workflow management is pretty clear now.  We all operate on the same wavelength, which people like… but that also seems to be why we don’t finish tasks around here.”

In some cases the process of cultural mapping reveals a trend that is consistent, but not aligned with the team’s goals.  Talture is here to advise on managing cultural trends internally at all stages.