Talture Solutions is a unique offering, so there are bound to be questions.  Here are some of the most common.

Q. What makes Talture different from other recruitment firms?

A. Talture adds value to the recruiting process by screening with cultural metrics.  We provide all the services a conventional recruitment firm does, but our first line of qualifying candidates and clients is openness to cultural mapping.

Q. What is cultural mapping? 

A. Culture is an important factor in all cases, but it is often difficult to articulate or define, and is usually treated as a grey area.  Talture Cultural Mapping is the process of measuring people’s values and perceptions towards culture in a business context.   This way we have measurable values for a person, a team, or an organisation.  We use these measurements to manage expectations from the beginning.

These measurements show us how the individual or a group makes decisions, communicates with others, keeps their objectives organised, and other crucial indicators; we use this to make a reliable projection for a candidate to both succeed AND be happy.

Q. Is the Talture methodology just a way to match candidates to clients?

A. No – matching skills and qualifications is something algorithms can do for us, and anybody can be coached into saying the right things in an interview.  At this stage of technology, this is not part of the value of a recruitment firm.

Talture is designed to empower people and create teams that are ambitious, capable of growth, and above all, happy.   We can achieve this by creating a transparent environment for disclosure of goals on both sides.  This is consistently found to be the best incentive for both parties to proceed.

Q. Is this just for hiring people from other countries? If everybody in the company is from the same country, shouldn’t we all have the same culture? 

A. Culture is not limited to a country of origin, and it is certainly not fair to limit an individual to their national identity.  Indeed, nearly all of us have variances from the national norm, whether we act on them or not.  Culture exists in many layers, and a country is just one of them.  Talture measures culture at an individual and group level to find the most successful fit for individuals and teams, regardless of their nationality.

Q. How has the methodology been developed? Why is it reliable?

A. The consultant operates on several years experience using various models of cultural assessment and business anthropology. These include a basis of research on countries, companies, functions, and case studies.  Talture has integrated and adapted these concepts for recruitment; the metrics have been applied to data collected in the following areas:

  • Information clients and candidates want to know before the interview process begins
  • Reasons for candidates leaving a company prematurely
  • Reasons for clients continuing or terminating an interview process
  • Reasons for candidates continuing or terminating an interview process
  • Qualitative pipeline management

Q. Doesn’t this limit options for submittals?

A. We can achieve a better conversion ratio by focusing on quality over quantity. Talture operates as a niche-capable and market responsive firm, with a purposefully capped pipeline to ensure the attention that all parties deserve.  Statistically this works better for everybody.

Q. How does billing work?

A. Talture operates strictly on a contingency basis; our fees are conditional to your success.  Terms are agreed upon between Talture and our clients before entering contract.  Candidates never need to pay a fee.

Q. Does Talture offer payroll or other HR-type staffing services?

A. We are only offering placement services for our clients at this time.

Q. Does Talture offer services in other languages?

A. We are currently only able to provide services in English.  We aim to extend those services to other languages in the future.